Animals at Risk/Needs Rescue

ANY animal listed in the Featured Animals links are at risk.

The animals featured need rescue commitment and may have medical and/or behavioral conditions that do not make them suitable for adoption by the public but they may find forever homes with the assistance of 501c3 rescue organizations. Stanislaus Animal Services Agency makes no assertions about the availability, behavior or condition of any animal.

Rescue organizations are encouraged to email the Rescue Coordinator at immediately to acquire any of these animals at no charge to the rescue, unless additional services are requested.

We will make every effort to maintain a complete and accurate list. We hope this site will help identify which animals that are at risk and in need of rescue. The links below refreshes every sixty (60) minutes. An animal’s status may change at any time, Stanislaus Animal Services Agency does not guarantee that any of the animals found in the links below will be available when you arrive or contact the shelter. Contact us at moc.ytnuocnats@eucser.

RED Status

Those marked status red are in imminent need for rescue. Email the Rescue coordinator during business hours immediately to facilitate pick up if you are interested.


Those marked status yellow are animals that can no longer be kept in the shelter given their current medical or behavior condition. These animals need a rescue commitment immediately. Contact the rescue coordinator during business hours to facilitate pickup. Those in the yellow category may become red or may be at risk based on their ongoing condition.